ProtectAir Shoe Spray

Supports the treatment of footinfections like Fungal Nail and athlete's foot

Medical shoespray

ProtectAir shoespray is CE registered as a Class 1 Medical Device for use in shoes. This guarantees the product complies with health & safety guidelines. Safety first!

Protects against bacteria & fungus

It has been scientifically tested and proven that ProtectAir effectively protects against all bacteria and fungi causing shoe odour, athlete's foot and Fungal Nail.

ProtectAir is CE registered as a Class 1 Medical Device.


Footinfections are often difficult to treat. re-infection in shoes is the number 1 cause for inneffective treatments. Bacteria and fungi thrive in the warm and humid shoe-environment and are hard to eliminate!

ProtectAir shoespray guarantees shoe-hygiene when used regularly, protecting the feet against re-infection!

10 day protection

By creating a nano-coating invisible to the eye, the spray stays active for up to 10 days on any surface. ProtectAir stays active, even when the surface is reinfected. This ensures feet are protected against re-infection in shoes.

ProtectAir for happy, healthy feet

The perfect addition to an effective treatment


The number 1 shoespray

ProtectAir is the only shoespray that has been tested & proven to effectively protect against bacteria and fungi in shoes. The patented formula with multiple active ingredients has been develop for disinfection of hospitals and has therefore been thorougly tested and registered.

Total treatment control

Every footspecialist knows it is impossible to ensure foothygiëne after treatment. re-infection often occurs in the home-environment (shower, bath) and in their own shoes. With ProtectAir you can ensure optimal hygiene when used consistently.

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