Protectair is trusted by over 305841.25 customers in Europe!

Deactivates sweat glands.

For all skin types
Does not irritate. With nourishing aloe vera.

5 days free of perspiration
Protects against perspiration

Customer reviews

4,5 / 5
6 Customer reviews

Mildred W. Verified review
5 / 5

Better than any deodorant
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 02-07-2021

I was sceptical at first, but this really stops the sweating.

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Harry Chadwick Verified review
4 / 5

It works!
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30-06-2021

Takes a bit long to dry, but works even longer than 5 days! Literally no sweat 💦

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Joan O. Verified review
5 / 5

Very happy
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25-06-2021

It really works, very happy with this product!

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Anonymous Verified review
5 / 5

Does its job
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 20-06-2021

Don't bother with anything else, this works. I suffered from excessive sweating due to hormone imbalance. This keeps my armpit and hands much dryer.

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Pete Marshall Verified review
5 / 5

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17-06-2021

Never had a deodorant that works for so long.

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Steve0283 Verified review
3 / 5

Package arrived late
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 03-06-2021

Royal mail messed up the delivery, package arrived 3 days too late. Product is ok.

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How does it work?

Stop excessive sweating!

No deodorant does what ProtectAir does

ProtectAir is no deodorant, it's and anti-perspirant! ProtectAir No Sweat effectively deactivates the sweat glands for up to 5 days.

Experience the comfort and hygiene of sweat-free armpits, feet, palms or even your forehead. Wherever you have a perspiration problem, ProtectAir No Sweat provides freshness for days.

For all skin types

Clean, fresh and dry

No more moist, irritated skin due to excessive sweating. No stains in clothes due to deodorant. ProtectAir provides a clean and fresh feeling for up to 5 days per treatment.

For sweaty palms and feet

Anti-perspirant gel with Aloë vera

ProtectAir antiperspirant gel is very effective against sweaty palms and feet. The gel contains nourishing aloë vera and works up to 5 days with 1 treatment. It offers protection against the growth of bacteria and fungi in shoes and therefore reduces the risk of smelly shoes and athlete's foot.

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