Medical Shoe Spray

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Treats & Protects shoes against bacteria, fungi and smell

Protects against infections

Eliminates smell

Works up to 10 days!

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ProtectAir vs. the competition

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10 Days

Long-lasting safe & hygienic shoes
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Cheaper to use than a shoe deodorant
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Treated & protected against fungi, bacteria and odour in shoes

How does it work?

Treat and protect your shoes against bacteria & fungus

Spray each shoe 5 to 10 times. Do not wear until completely dry. Ensure the entire inside of the shoe is reached with the spray.

When the treatment is complete, please continue use of the shoe spray to prevent (re)infections in your own shoes.

100% smell and fungus free!

Treat & protects up to 30 pairs of shoes for up to 10 days against fungus, bacteria and smell

Protects against bacteria & fungus

Protects against bacteria & fungus that cause athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) & nail infections. Keeps your shoes and equipment hygienic, safe and smell free.

Eliminates smell

Gets rid of that smell in your shoes and sport equipment effectively. Our patented long-lasting formula beats any shoe spray on the market today. Guaranteed!

10 day protection

By creating a protective coating invisible to the eye, the spray stays active for up to 10 days on any surface. Keeping your shoes & feet fresh in the most demanding conditions.

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