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ProtectAir, a Dutch brand started in 2018 by 2 ambitious Dutch entrepreneurs, specializes in the direct (internet) sale of self-care products to consumers under the ProtectAir brand name. Since 2018, ProtectAir has been online European market leader with the sale of fungal nail products in 10 European countries.

ProtectAir products are clinically tested, fully documented and registered as a medical device in the European Union. Due to their unique characteristics, they can be counted among the best in their category.

In just 2 years, ProtectAir has helped more than 250,000 satisfied customers with their fungal nail problems.

From November 2020, ProtectAir has launched a unique line of acne products that effectively treat acne, pimples and pimples from the outside and the inside.

Terms of use

Paragraph 1 - Definitions
Paragraph 2 - Identity
Paragraph 3 - General Terms
Paragraph 4 - Goods offered
Paragraph 5 - Return Policy
Paragraph 6 - Agreement
Paragraph 7 - Price
Paragraph 8 - Conformity
Paragraph 9 - Warranty
Paragraph 10 - Order
Paragraph 11 - Order Processing
Paragraph 12 - Payment
Paragraph 13 - Change of Terms

For more information contact our customer support:

Unit 2, Acre Park, Dalton Lae, Keighley,
West Yorkshire, BD21 4JH
KvK #27246580
Tax ID: GB301434359

T: +31 85 9021025
E: customersupport@protectair.eu

Paragraph 1 - Definitions

The following terms shall be deemed to have the meanings set forth below for purposes of these terms:
1. distant purchase: a system that is setup by the seller, with the purpose of technically facilitating distant purchases from a buyer
2. terms: every agreement on distant purchase
3. communication method: a way of communication that can be used by both parties
4. company: the part of the corporation that is responsible for all process regarding distant purchase.
5. consumer: the buyer of the goods/services.
6. offer: every offer of goods and services; including the relevant terms.
7. price: De price of the goods/services offered, without additional cost that will be specified seperately.
8. transaction: a distant agreement on the delivery of goods/services

Paragraph 2 - Identity

1. The company will display all company details before starting an agreement with the consumer.

Paragraph 3 - General Terms

1. The terms of use will be accessible on this website at any time. Every orderconfirmation a consumer receives will have a direct link to this page.
2. These terms are valid for every form of contact between the company and the consumer, irrespective of the used method of communication.
3. Exceptions to these terms are only valid if agreed upon by both parties in writing.

Paragraph 4 - Goods Offered

1. The goods/services offered will be displayed as clear and truthful possible. All terms of limited time/special offers will always be clearly communicated.
2. Every offer should contain enough information for the consumer to understand the rights and obligations that are linked to the offer. This includes the price, return policy, method of payment, shipping cost, etc.
3. In the case of changed payment terms. The details of the changes will be clearly stated in the offer.
4. If the company offers the consumer methods of communication that charge different rates than the standard known rates for this type of communication. This will be clearly stated before hand.

Paragraph 5 - Return Policy

1. All goods can be returned within 14 days after delivery, unless stated differently according to paragraph 5.3.
2. Goods that are returned within 14 days will only be refunded if the goods are in perfect condition and sent in the original packaging. Additional shipping cost will be charged to the consumer.
3. Limitations or exceptions to the return policy will always be clearly stated in the offer.

Paragraph 6 - Agreement

1. Notwithstanding the terms stated in paragraph 3, a buying-/selling agreement is valid at the moment the offer is accepted and complies with the terms set for this agreement.
2. The consumer is allowed to invoke it's right to return a product within the 'on-sight' period of 14 days without any consequneces.
3. The company is free to stipulate purchase on trial in accordance with the legal provisions and to grant suspensive effect to the approval period.
4. In the case of an order cancellation, the consumer will be refunded within 14 days of cancellation.
5. The company will do everything necessary to secure all personal data used to process orders and payments.
6. The company is allowed to use means accepted by law to do a creditcheck on the buyer, as well as examining the factors for responsibly processing a distant purchase. The company is allowed to refuse a request or change the terms of delivery if it is able to clearly motivate the reason. Refusal due to geographical location or ethnic background is not allowed.
7. The company will provide the following information when processing the consumer's order:
a) the terms of use
b) the company information
c) after-sales information and warranties

Paragraph 7 - Price

1. During the period the prices are valid, these will not be raised, unless this is due to changes in the tax legislation.
2. Price raise after processing the transactions are not allowed unless:
a) the raised price is due to changes in law or regulation
b) the consumer has the right to terminate the transaction the day the price raise in issued.

Paragraph 8 - Conformity

1. The company assures that the goods/services it delivers are according to specifications stated in the offer.

Paragraph 9 - Warranty

1. The warranty provided by the company are in accordance with the general warranty and rights for the consumer.
2. All the goods provided by the company have a 1 year warranty against in material and craftmanship.This warranty is only applicable for use under normal circumstances, and is valid from the date of purchase.

Paragraph 10 - Order

1. Delivery of goods and services will only be done after an order in confirmed and paid, unless the company and consumer have a different agreement.
2. All returns will be handled in accordance with our return policy stated in paragraph 5. If an error in delivery is caused by the consumer, all cost to replace the error will be charged to the consumer.

Paragraph 11 - Order Processing

1. The company will use its best efforts to process every order efficiently and according to the terms stated on this page.
2. All orders will be delivered to the address entered in the designated fields by the consumer.
3. The company processes every order as swiftly as possible and within 14 days of placing the order. In the case of a delayed delivery of (a part of) the order, because products are out of stock, the consumer will immediately be notified. The consumer has the right to cancel an incomplete order without cost.
4. If it is not possible to deliver the package according to the standard delivery method of the company, the company will do everything in it's power (within reason) to deliver a similar product. The company will notify the consumer in advance to approve the delivery of the replaced product.
5. The risk of damage and loss of the product will remain the responsibility of the company, until the goods are delivered.

Paragraph 12 - Payment

1. All payments have to be done in advance using the payment methods provided by the company.
2. The consumer is obligated to report any errors in the data sent by the company.

Paragraph 13 - Change of Terms

1. ProtectAir B.V. will not change these terms without contacting the 'Consumentenbond'.
2. Changes in these terms will only be valid after publication on this website and are only applicable for orders placed after the publication.

Privacy Policy

Here at ProtectAir, we recognize your privacy is important. On this page we will try to give you a brief insight in the informa1tion we collect and what we do with it.

Browsing & Statistics

On our server, we have generic webstatistics tools running which track visitor data. We try to collect as much information about visitor behaviour as possible, though no information is linked to our customer database. The log files are stored on our server and may include information such as your web request, Internet Protocol address, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request and one or more cookies that may uniquely identify your browser.

Personal Data

Every customer that shops at protectair.eu needs to enter personal information to complete a transaction. This information is stored in our own database and part of it is passed on to the secured payment pages of Pay.nl.
Your personal information is only used to process your transaction and for internal data mining purposes (geographic and demographic). No personal information is passed on to 3rd parties.


All payment transactions are done on secured servers. For the processing of your payment method we have selected Pay.nl. For more information on Pay.nl, please visit www.pay.nl


Our website uses a country filter to present you the right local version of protectair.eu. This countryfilter writes a cookie with your selection in it. The rest of the website uses sessions as much as possible, which are only stored on your own computer during your visit.


We only send mailings periodically to emailaddresses entered in our database by our users. In every mailing there is an option to unsubscribe immediately. On unsubscription, your emailaddress gets deleted from our database instantly.


When you send email or other communication to us, we may retain those communications in order to process your inquiries, respond to your requests and improve our services.


If you have any further questions about this privacy policy or your personal information, you can always contact us through our contactform.