Fungal Nail Treatment + Breathable Nail Polish

4,9 / 5
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Fungal nail treatment + breathable nail polish
  • Best fungal nail treatment UK - Protectair is the highest rated fungal nail treatment according to UK consumers and the best sold treatment online in the Netherlands for 2 consecutive years!
  • Visible results after 2 weeks - 86% of the users experience visible nail recovery within 2 weeks of treatment with ProtectAir fungal nail treatment.
  • Fungal nail treatment + polish - The fungal nail treatment effectively treats the infected toenails. After treatment, you can apply the breathable nail polish to cover the nail infection.
  • Prevent reinfection - Combine with ProtectAir shoespray (sold seperately) to protect toenails against fungal nail infection in shoes.

  • 5ml Fungal Nail Solution
  • 5 Nail Files
  • 5ml Breathable Nail Polish (Nude)
Fungal Nail Treatment + Breathable Nail Polish
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Natalia Whitaker
5 / 5

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 15-03-2021
So far so good
I could see improvement after just a few days. Strongly recommend it. Amazing product.
5 / 5

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19-06-2020
Good product
Easy to apply. Early but seems to be working.
5 / 5

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19-06-2020
Good product
Easy to apply. Early dap ut seems to be working.
Julia Steer-kovacs
5 / 5

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16-06-2020
I was a little reluctant to buy it as I had tried several products previously and non of them gave me the results I hoped. After using it just a week I can see improvement. Sadly so many of my toenails are affected but I can see much better results. I am in my 2nd week still plenty of left from the solution so I think it will last at least for a month. I am going to buy a new set to continue until they heal.
4 / 5

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11-06-2020
Easy to use, good price
I have only been using this for a few days but Ibthink it is making a difference. Haven’t given 5* purely because I don’t know as yet if it is going to clear the issue completely. So far so good.
Mrs L.A. Moore
5 / 5

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 02-06-2020
Very good, quick service -thanks
5 / 5

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 23-05-2020
Arrived promptly
Fungal treatment arrived quickly. I have started the treatment and look forward to it working well. The idea of breathable nail vanish is amazing as in the summer when I wear sandals my toenail looks a bit unsightly. I will update in a couple of weeks.
Steve Thomas
5 / 5

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13-01-2020
Very impressed
Order arrived the next day even though standard P&P... #impressed
5 / 5

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 09-12-2019
It works!
I have had a problem in one big toe nail and tried numerous over the counter remedies to no avail. I saw results with ProtectAir within a month and have continued to use it. It doesn't affect surrounding skin, doesn't smell or stain, its easy to use and works but like most things that work it will take time for the healthy nail to grow through.
I've used the spray as well in shoes and boots I wear regularly to keep the risk of re-infection at bay. Would recommend.
5 / 5

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13-09-2019
works great will recommend
Mrs. A. Thornton
5 / 5

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 26-07-2019
Works well and quickly
I have been using this for just over a week on the nails on both big toes, and am very pleased with it, I can really see a difference. A big improvement to both nails so it is working as quick as it said it would. And it is great being able to use the breathable nail polish too.....I can paint my toes nails as I like to do when wearing sandals.
You do have to use the stuff twice a day, but it is working quickly and it is easy to apply. As I am insisting on painting my nails during the day it means I have to remove the polish every evening before applying the antifungal treatment, which is a bit of a pain, but it is my choice as I want to use the nail polish! Would be easier if in winter or if I am not insisting on wearing nail polish...
Only negative thing I would say is there is definitley not enough antifungal treatment to last the 4 weeks of treatment needed - though I am doing 2 big nails. I estimate will need 2 lots for the 4 weeks, and obviously more after that as it recommends using it once a day until the nail has grown out...but if it works it is worth it!
5 / 5

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 00-00-0000
Seems to be working
I see improvement but need more time to be sure it really works and this is not just a temporary thing.