Complete Fungal Nail Treatment

Treats nails, protects shoes
Prevents re-infection

Complete treatment
The treatment includes everything you need: 5ml nail solution, 5 nail files and 100ml shoe spray.
Visible nail recovery within 4 weeks
72% of the users report visible improvement after just 1 week. Nail recovery can been seen after just 4 weeks.
Prevents Re-infection
ProtectAir prevents re-infection of nails in shoes. This shortens treatment time & saves cost!

Why ProtectAir?

ProtectAir is a new and effective fungal nail treatment that protects nails and shoes against fungal infections.

This prevents re-infection, shortens treatment time and supports nail recovery. This is why Protectair is the best fungal nail treatment in Europe.

86% Succesful

Nail recovery within 4 weeks

60% Cheaper

Compared to regular treatments*

10 Days

Protection against re-infection in shoes per treatment

*based on 9 months treatment

How does it work?

Step 1

Treat the infected nails

Remove any nail polish and file the entire nail once a week before applying the solution.
Use the solution 2x a day for at least 4 weeks. Make sure the solution covers the entire nail surface and exposed nail bed.
After the treatment has completed, you can continue to use the solution once a day until the nail has completely healed.

Step 2

Treat and protect your shoes against bacteria & fungus
Spray each shoe 5 to 10 times. Do not wear until completely dry. Ensure the entire inside of the shoe is reached with the spray.
When the treatment is complete, please continue use of the shoe spray to prevent (re)infections in your own shoes.

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Complete Fungal Nail Starter Kit + Medical Shoe Spray

Complete Fungal Nail Starter Kit + Medical Shoe Spray
4,2 / 5
151 Customer reviews
€ 25,00  (0%)

€ 24,95

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Fungal nail treatment (5ml)

Fungal Nail Treatment (5ml)
4,3 / 5
175 Customer reviews

€ 16,95

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Fungal Nail Promo Kit (2x Solution) + Medical Shoe Spray

Fungal Nail Promo Kit (2x Solution) + Medical Shoe Spray
4,1 / 5
62 Customer reviews
€ 39,00  (-10%)

€ 34,95

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2x Fungal nail treatment (5ml)

2x Fungal Nail Treatment (5ml)
4,6 / 5
129 Customer reviews
€ 33,00  (-24%)

€ 24,95

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Fungal nail starter kit + medical shoe spray + breathable nail polish
Fungal nail treatment + breathable nail polish

Fungal Nail Treatment + Breathable Nail Polish
4,9 / 5
12 Customer reviews
€ 23,00  (-5%)

€ 21,95

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Shoe Spray

Shoe Spray
4,5 / 5
48 Customer reviews

€ 11,95

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Recommended by podiatrists

"The only way to effectively treat fungal nail infections, is to eliminate re-infection in shoes and socks during treatment."


Complete Fungal Nail Starter Kit + Medical Shoe Spray
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Fungal nail treatment (5ml)
Download Product Leaflet (rev 18.07.2018)