Fungal nail treatment + breathable nail polish


Fungal Nail Treatment + Breathable Nail Polish

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  • Best fungal nail treatment UK - Protectair is the highest rated fungal nail treatment according to UK consumers and the best sold treatment online in the Netherlands for 2 consecutive years!
  • Visible results after 2 weeks - 86% of the users experience visible nail recovery within 2 weeks of treatment with ProtectAir fungal nail treatment.
  • Fungal nail treatment + polish - The fungal nail treatment effectively treats the infected toenails. After treatment, you can apply the breathable nail polish to cover the nail infection.
  • Prevent reinfection - Combine with ProtectAir shoespray (sold seperately) to protect toenails against fungal nail infection in shoes.

  • 5ml Fungal Nail Solution
  • 5 Nail Files
  • 5ml Breathable Nail Polish (Nude)
Fungal Nail Treatment + Breathable Nail Polish
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