Athlete's foot information and tips

Author: Dr. I. Haist
Athlete's foot information and tips

Many people suffer from Athlete's foot (foot fungus). Yet, it is quite simple to treat and prevent. There are a couple of precautions you can take, to permanently ban athlete's foot from your life. Keep on reading!

Cause of athlete's foot

Athlete's foot is caused by fungi that occur naturally on our skin. When your skin gets damaged or weakened, the fungi can penetrate your skin and easily lead to an infection. Luckily, foot fungus is easy to treat.

Moist & Warmth

Fungi love moist and warmth. Damp rooms like showers, locker rooms or the gym and/or warm and sweltering shoes are the ideal environment for fungi to multiply and spread. Once the fungi have spread into your shoes, they are difficult to treat.

Athlete's foot symptoms:
  1. Itching
  2. Red, painful rash
  3. Scaly skin
  4. Chapped skin between the toes
  5. Smelly feet

Treatment of foot fungus

Treatment of (mild) foot fungus only takes several days. Your local pharmacist or drugstore sell numerous ant-fungus ointments, -cremes or -powder.

Beware of fungal nail infection!

Foot fungus is the 1st warning your feet and nails are in danger of getting infected. The fungi that cause athlete's foot are the same that cause fungal nail infections. Prevent that your nails will get infected and start your foot fungus treatment right now. Contrary to a brief and simple foot fungus treatment, fungal nail treatments can last for up to 9-12 months!

Treat your trainers or soccer cleats every 10 days with ProtectAir shoe spray , to keep them hygenic and safe!

It's the athlete's feet that are affected

It is called athlete's foot for a reason. Many people that practice sports suffer from athlete's foot because of shoes that get sweaty and hot. The shoes are usually tight and feet suffer from the impact during a match or practice (kicking a soccer ball for instance). Without proper precautions, damaged skin or nails can easily get infected.

Take care of your shoes!

Shoes and trainers - that are usually made from synthetic materials - don't breathe or dissapate heat easily, causing a sweltering environment and sweaty feet. The sweat enters soft lining and seams of your shoes, taking along the fungi spores. Once in your shoes, they are difficult to treat and remain a source of infection. It is important that your feet, socks and shoes are hygienic, dry and clean before you start treating athlete's foot.

  • Never wear shoes for 2 days in a row. Allow them to fully dry.
  • Always wear slippers in the shower, pool, gym, or sports club.
  • Always dry your feet extra well, especially between the toes.
  • Always use a clean towel, never share your towel with someone else.
  • Treat shoes with ProtectAir Shoe Spray, to protect your show for up to 10 days against bacteria and fungi.

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