Chain Drugstore Etos launches ProtectAir

Chain Drugstore Etos launches ProtectAir

Etos, one of the largest and best drugstores in The Netherlands with over 500 stores (comparable to Superdrug in the UK), has been a trusted name since 1919 for advice and the best care products on the market. Starting this month, Etos will be launching ProtectAir fungal nail treatments

Following ProtectAir's success on (the largest online shopping platform, similar to Amazon), Etos is stocking up on ProtectAir products for the upcoming spring/summer season.

Why ProtectAir?

Complete fungal nail treatment

Etos is always on the lookout for innovations The ProtectAir Fungal Nail Starterkit including medical shoe spray is a unique addition to their product range. Re-infection has been the #1 reason why OTC fungal nail treatments were only mildly effective. ProtectAir's patented shoe spray ensures hygenic and safe shoes, preventing re-infection and supporting effective treatment.

Etos the best drugstore in the Netherlands

For the best advice and complete fungal nail assortment

Before starting treating your fungal nail infection. Always visit your GP to diagnose the infection. Not every nail infection is fungal nail and might require different treatment or even prescription medicine.

You can visit Etos (dutch), buy ProtectAir in our shop or go to Amazon UK

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Complete Fungal Nail Starter Kit + Medical Shoe Spray
4,5 / 5
€ 25,90
€ 24,95
Fungal nail treatment (5ml)
4,6 / 5
€ 16,95
€ 16,95
Fungal Nail Promo Kit (2x Solution) + Medical Shoe Spray
4,4 / 5
€ 39,85
€ 34,95
2x Fungal nail treatment (5ml)
4,7 / 5
€ 33,90
€ 24,95
Fungal nail starter kit + medical shoe spray + breathable nail polish
5 / 5
€ 31,90
€ 29,95
Fungal nail treatment + breathable nail polish
4,9 / 5
€ 23,90
€ 21,95