This is how I got rid of my fungal nail!

Author: Claire Dawson
This is how I got rid of my fungal nail!

We receive a lot of questions regarding fungal nail infections. We are here to inform and help you to get rid of your infection. We regularly receive feedback from our users about our products.

Claire Dawson even kept a treatment diary for us. Read her exprience with ProtectAir fungal nail treatment below.

In this article:

  1. Introduction
  2. Week 1-2: ProtectAir fungal nail treatment
  3. Week 4: healthy nail visible
  4. 2nd month: real improvement
  5. 3rd month: keep going
  6. 4th month: consistency is key
  7. 5th month: keep on polishing
  8. 6th month: it's a marathon, not a sprint
  9. 8th month: the end in sight
  10. Finally! My fungal nail has healed
  11. Products + total treatment cost


ProtectAir fungal nail treatment
Hello, my name is Clair Dawson, I am 63 years old and married to my husband Richard. In the past couple of years, I have been suffering from a fungal nail infection on my big toenail. I have tried numerous treatments and for a certain period I even visited a chiropodist, which turned out to be quite costly.

During most of my attempts to get rid of the fungal nail infection, I did notice improvement. Unfortunately infection kept coming back. When I discovered the ProtectAir fungal nail starter kit I decided to give it a try. After talking to the ProtectAir team, they asked me to keep a diary, so I started writing down my experiences

Week 1-2: ProtectAir fungal nail treatment

Fungal nail 1
Let's get started. Within 24 hours after placing my order, I received the package at home. Nicely packaged, delivered by Royal Mail. In the box I find a big bottle of shoe spray, a bottle of nail solution with a brush, 5 nail files and the instruction leaflet. In the leaflet it states I have to file the nail 1x per week and throw the nail file away directly after use, to prevent reinfection. Makes sense.

After filing the nail, I apply the nail solution. The instructions say I have to repeat this 2x per day for the next 30 days.

Then I treat my shoes with the shoe spray. The spray can't be used upside down (clumsy me), so I turn my shoes upside down to easily reach the toe section and spray 5-10x as instructed. The instructions say the spray treats and protects against fungi and bacteria in shoes, which prevent reinfection of the nails. This has to be repeated every 10 days.

Product: ProtectAir fungal nail starter kit + medical shoe spray - £ 21,95

Week 4: healthy nail visible

Fungal nail 2
We are now 4 weeks into the treatment and I can see a piece of healthy nail growing back. I've been following the instructions to the letter.

Filing the nail every week, applying the nail solution 2x daily and treating my shoes. The nail is lighter in colour and looks a lot better. The bottle of nail solution is almost empty. There is still plenty of shoe spray left.

2nd month: real improvement

Fungal nail 3
After 5 weeks I received my 2nd package. This time only nail solution and nail files. I only have to polish my infected nail 1x per day now, which makes a huge difference since I tend to forget it in the morning.

I also keep spraying our shoes religiously. My husband's shoes are now part of my treatment plan, they could use some freshing up :)

Product: ProtectAir Fungal nail treatment (4ml) - € 16.95

3rd month: keep going

The nail grows out slowly, but it is promising to see the nail starts to look better. In the meantime the 2nd bottle of nail solution and the shoe spray are almost empty. It is time for a new order.

ProtectAir advices the promo kit, since it is better value and will last me longer

Product: ProtectAir Fungal Nail Promo Kit (2x Solution) + Medical Shoe Spray - £ 28.95

4th month: consistency is key

Fungal nail 5
I have stopped using the nail files and use the nail solution 1x per day on the entire nail, just to ensure no reinfection will take place. The shoe spray has now become a household item. My husband is using it for all of his shoes too. It's comforting to know shoes are hygenic and safe during treatment.

5th month: keep on polishing

Almost a half year into this treatment. It's quite hard to keep at it and my patience is being tested.

The team from ProtectAir told me the nail needs to fully grow out. Because the 'dead' nail cannot heal. The moment I would reinfect my nail, I would have to completely start over. Since this is the last thing I want... I guess we have to keep applying the nail polish.

6th month: it's a marathon, not a sprint

Fungal nail 7
Only a piece of my nail is still infected. Overall the nail looks a lot better. The nail solution is lasting me longer now, because I only apply it 1x per day.

The promo kit is almost empty. Since the shoe spray is being used by both my husband and I, that is empty quicker than it normally would be. ProtectAir advices me to buy 1 more promo kit to finish the treatment.

Following their advice, the package arrived within 24 hours again (their service is excellent), but this time, the package was damaged during transport. After contacting ProtectAir, they immediately sent a replacement and I could keep the shoe spray. A free gift from them for the inconvenience. Thanks ProtectAir! :)

Product: >ProtectAir Fungal Nail Promo Kit (2x Solution) + Medical Shoe Spray - £ 28.95

8th month: the end in sight

They say the last mile is the longest... and I must confess, I have not been applying the nail polish as consistently as I did before. Luckily without any negative consequences. ProtectAir stresses it is essential to completely finish the treatment. Time for a final push until we reach the finish line...

Finally! My fungal nail has healed

Fungal nail 8
I did it! My nail has finally healed. For 9 months (35 weeks) I had to consistenly treat the infected nail and my shoes to beat the fungi. In the end, I am very pleased how the treatment went. Communication with ProtectAir has been very pleasant.

The 'secret' to this form of treatment is clearly the medical shoe spray.

Preventing reinfection is the only way to get rid of it.

To be honest, the podiatrist told be this too. The ProtetAir treatment isn't cheap, but when I think back of the treatment cost of £35.00 per session at the podiatrist, it's a fair price to pay. Below you will find a list of all the products I have used during this treatment.

Products + total treatment cost

Claire's treatment was succesful. Below you will find a list of all products we adviced her to use.

Fungal nail treatment 1Week 1£ 21.95
Fungal nail treatment 2Week 6£ 13.95
Fungal nail treatment 3Week 12£ 28.95
Fungal nail treatment 4Week 24£ 28.95
TotalWeek 35£ 93.90

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